1984   Rankin’ Scroo & Ginger/Thanks and Praises Album
1985   Rankin’ Scroo & Ginger/Burden Single
1985   Rankin’ Scroo & Ginger/Dub Watch EP
1987   Rankin’ Scroo & Ginger/Nuh Du Dat EP
1989   Rankin’ Scroo & Ginger/Cry Freedom Album
1990   Black Uhuru/Take Heed Black Uhuru Now
1990   Black Uhuru/Freedom Fighters-Black Uhuru Now
1994   P.O.D.E.ville Man Dem/Compilation P.O.D.E
1994   Money B/Raw Fusion-Hoochified Funk/To Hell With It
1994   Rankin’ Scroo & Ginger/Right Forever Album
1994   Rankin’ Scroo & Ginger/I Feel Good EP
1996   Money B-Folk Music/Heart Breaker
1999   Jay Lamont-Authorized Personal/Knock Me Out
1999   Mo Jack-Mo Jack/Situations Why
2000   Money B-Talkin Dirty/Ice Cream Love
2000   J-Dubb-Trees and Real Estate/Desperado
2001   The Mossie-Point-Seen Money Gone/Mossie Up
2003   Rappin 4 Tay-Ready to Bust/Ready To Bust
2003   Keak Da Sneak-Compium/Freakalistic
2003   Messy Marv-Nikki/Nikki
2003   E-40-Breaking News/Breaking News
2003   E-40-Breaking News/Act A Ass
2003   Blayze-Bringing Da Heat/Til We Reach the Top
2004   Turf Talk-Block Hard/Block Hard
2004   Turf Talk-Street Novelist/Celebrate
2006   Various Mix-New Day Riddim/Segregation2004   The Mossie-Lifestyle   of The Disobayish/Scraper
2004   FMZ-World Wide/Why U Trippin
2004   FMZ-World Wide/International Love
2004   FMZ-World Wide/Bay Area
2004   PW Esquire-What Kinda MC/What Kinda Mc
2004   E-40-Best of Yesterday/Bust Your Sh*t
2004   David Martin-King David’s Throne/Any Way(Remix)
2004   Import-Danger/Weekend
2004   Import-Danger/End of Time
2004   Import-Danger/Friend Enemy (Remix)
2004   David Martin-King David’s Throne/Straight From The Bay
2004   David Martin-King David’s Throne/Just Chillin
2004   Mr. Majestic-Unbreakable/When She’s Gone
2004   Mr. Majestic-Unbreakable /Gun Shot
2004   Mr. Majestic-Unbreakable/Borderline2005   E-40-Sick Wid it Umbrella/Hoe Sh*t
2005   Tyquan-I Can Be All/Where They At
2005   Various Mix-Border Line vol 16/Ganja
2005   Various Mix-Border Line vol 16/Lurkin
2005   Various Mix-Border Line vol 16/Chant A Psalm
2005   Various Mix-Border Line vol 16/Borderline
2005   Various Mix-Border Line vol 16/Higher
2005   Various Mix-Border Line vol 16/Good Life
2005   Various Mix-Border Line vol 16/Talk Deh Pon Dem
2006   Various Mix-Above Dem/Above Dem